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Some character development…

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I’m still working on ideas for characters, and trying to imagine what their individual stories might be. At this stage it is always nice to just make a huge mess and see what happens, I like to use paints, inks, charcoal, pencil, whatever is to hand basically! It just helps me to get a feel for the overall tone of the narrative (and it’s fun).

Bristol 2014: Initial sketches and ideas…

I’ve started by working in my sketchbook and on loose sheets of paper, coming up with character ideas and thinking of stories for them. I use photographs as reference for clothing and locations sometimes, but I like to invent characters faces. I hope that as the project progresses, you will see the detail in the images and narrative develop alongside, these are just some very rough initial sketches. Please click on an image to view a larger version.

I’m very grateful to Clive Burlton and Eugene Byrne for the help and information they have provided so far, and to Andrew Kelly for inviting me to take part in the project.

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